Eco Values and Sustainability

I am very conscious of the impact we have on the environment, so at home I've made some big (but very easy) changes at home - such as using soap nuts instead of washing liquid, fabric squares instead of kitchen roll and loofah scourers instead of sponges. So it would be pretty silly if I didn't make some eco friendly decisions

So far, I've done the following things:

  • swapped plastic grip seal bags to biodegradable grip seal bags for taster bags
  • swapped from kraft bags to biodegradable kraft bags for larger bags. Take a look at my Blog to see see how to help these biodegrade 
  • offer a jar refilling to save on any packaging (and you save 30p per 100g you buy!)
  • reuse packaging to send items out to you (I was donated a lot of packaging material from my friend Weronika, every box I get will be reused, even my Who Gives A Crap toilet roll paper which is wrapped will be used at some point as packaging!)

Being a small business and trying to reduce the impact on the environment is tough. Everything that's trying to help reduce single use plastic costs so much more, but I have really tried hard not to increase my prices, because I truly believe in Planet over Profit. I am constantly trying to improve the way I conduct business, so if you have seen something eco friendly that you think might be helpful, let me know