Tips on Composting Your Biodegradable Bags

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So, you've bought some tea from me (and thank you so much for your support) and you've seen they are biodegradable (YAY!) but how do you make sure that they are disposed properly so they aren't just as bad as the plastic alternatives

Fear not! Here are some tips

Tip 1 - Cut the Packaging

The bacteria that is in contact with the material which is responsible for it's breakdown, is limited by the surface area, so the easiest way to speed up the process is to cut up the bags. If you are putting the pieces in your compost bin, throw it around like (biodegradable) glitter!


Tip 2 - Mix Materials

If you are composting one of my larger bags which is made of two materials (the brown kraft bit and the window), make sure you mix the pieces together. This will agitate the pile and spread the biodegradation process throughout the whole pile rather than it happening in a small area


Tip 3 - Be a Big Fan!

If you are composting at home, aerate your pile! Aerobic bacteria, that is the most important for the composting process, requires oxygen to work effectively. In order to allow the oxygen to reach high enough level (around 5%) the entire compost pile must be aerated. You can either buy an aerator or just turn it over again and again, rustling the pile and letting fresh air inside. Otherwise, the oxygen level inside will drop and end up slowing the decomposing process for up to 90%!



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