You may have baggage, but your tea shouldn't

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A 3-Step Guide to Sa-TEA-sfaction

Step 1: You, the Caffeine Crusader, unleash your inner leaf-lover and place your order on our magical tea portal (or website, same thing)

Step 2: I, Tas the Tea Lady, don my invisible tea-sorting mitts and unleash a flurry of pouch-wrangling and box-stuffing (Think Santa's workshop, but with more calming herbal blends and fewer angry elves) including a sweet treat, tea-tasting card and a little handwritten notes from me

Step 3: A mysterious cardboard carriage (aka the post person) delivers your box of liquid gold straight to your doorstep (Prepare for uncontrollable happy dances and celebratory teapot twirling)

Bonus Step: You're now officially a Looser - steep, sip, and savour the deliciousness, potentially accompanied by delighted sighs and dramatic pronouncements of "Well, this is blooming lovely!" (Optional: Share photos of your tea-fueled adventures on social media, tagging us for maximum bragging rights)

So Why Become a Looser?

🫖 Dive into a world of tea with unique flavours that will tickle your taste buds and uncover new favourites every time

☕ Score up to a whopping 30 days' worth of tea in each box, keeping your cup filled to the brim

⏯ You're the boss! Hit pause, skip a month or cancel with the snap of your fingers

🤑 Test out potential new faves without committing to a big bag. It's like a taste test without the pressure - saving both waste and your hard-earned ££!

🍫 Oh, and did I mention? All the teas and treats are vegan-friendly, so you can feel good about every sip knowing it's cruelty-free but also 100% delicious

Delivery Date and Cut Off's

Alright, listen up, tea lovers! Here's the scoop on when to expect your monthly dose of delight:

📦 I'll be shipping out your fabulous box around the 1st of each month (give or take a day or two because, hey, life happens).

🗓️ First box cut-off date:

👉 Join the club between the 1st and the 25th of the month, and your first box will be whisked away to you faster than you can say "sip sip hooray!" It'll be this month's magical collection of tea treasures. From then on, expect your monthly tea extravaganza to arrive like clockwork on the 1st of each month.

👉 If you happen to hop on board between the 25th and the 31st of the month, fear not! Your first box will be reserved for next month's tea party. It'll be queued up and ready to dazzle your taste buds when the 1st rolls around.

If you have any questions, click the little button in the bottom right-hand corner and ask away!

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It's your favourite classic brew. We're talking about a cup of tea that's not your everyday ordinary stuff. It's got that bold, full-bodied texture and oozes personality like a movie star. It's a blend of Assam and Ceylon teas that bring that hearty, malty goodness, mixed with a little Darjeeling magic that adds a hint of muscatel zing. It's like a tea party in your mouth! Oh, and guess what? This tea is so awesome that it snagged the Great Taste Award in 2018. Yep, it's basically a celebrity in the tea world!

Packaging photo of 100g of Great Taste Award Winning English Breakfast loose leaf black tea in biodegradable kraft bag from Very Craftea


Close up of Great Taste Award Winning English Breakfast loose leaf black tea from Very Craftea
Close up of Desi Masala Chai loose leaf black tea from Very Craftea
Close up of Luscious Divine Elixir loose leaf green and white tea from Very Craftea
Close up of Biodegradable Self Fill Teabags for loose leaf tea from Very Craftea

Accessible, Relatable and No BS

Let's break it down – I'm Tas, and I've proudly been embracing my unprofessional side since 2017 🎉

I believe everyone deserves a taste of the extraordinary. Because really, life's too short for the same ol' same ol', right?

Oh, and here's a little secret – I'm all about keeping it real. No BS here, my friends. I won't feed you any tall tales (like that "detox tea" nonsense). You can trust that I've got your back, and I'll always give it to you straight. So, let's embark on this tea-tasting adventure together, no-nonsense style! 🙌🍃

No Strings attached

At Very Craftea, we wear our tea-loving hearts on our sleeves!

We're all about caring for our tea's origin, and let us tell you, we take it seriously! Our teas aren't just any teas; they're the superheroes of the tea world, and they come dressed in eco-friendly, biodegradable capes (or bags!)

And let's talk flavour – we're not here to serve you any old bland, run-of-the-mill stuff. No, siree! Our teas are like flavour explosions in your cup, no dishwater teas here. So, if you're ready for a tea experience that's out of this world, you've come to the right place!

customer obsessed

When you're happy, I'm happy! Check out Trustpilot or Facebook for reviews. If you have any queries, you can use the live chat button, email or DM me


I don't stock teas I don't like and I don't stock products I don't use! I'm passionate about finding the best of everything for you (and me!)


Live in PE1 to PE5? Get free, hand delivery by my mum! She has a bus pass and isn't afraid to use it! (Minimum order value £5)