Cold Brew Tea Glass Water Bottle with Olive Green Lid and Drink Tea and Craft On Logo by Very Craftea

Cold Brew Tea Water Bottle


This is a great little bottle which you can use for cold brewing, or as a normal water bottle. You can use a fruit tea and you've got yourself some posh squash! 

Pop 4-7 teaspoons of loose leaf tea into the bottle, fill with cold water and then stick it in the fridge, ideally overnight but you want a minimum 4 hours. When you're ready to drink, the nifty filter catches the leaves in the lid! 

My favourite cold brews are:

Once it's brewed, I add some crushed ice to it (to make it fancy) and then if it's after 5pm (or 1pm on a Bank Holiday) I add some alcohol to it! I add either Gin or Vodka 


  • Borosilicate Glass bottle and BPA-Free Silicone Spout (hand-wash only please) 
  • Height: 20.5cm (300ml) 30cm (750ml)
  • Diameter: 6cm (300ml) 9cm (750ml)
  • Volume: 300ml (approx 2 glasses) or 750ml (approx 5 glasses)