Matcha Gold,  - Very Craftea
Matcha Gold,  - Very Craftea

Matcha Gold


What's It Taste Like: It is rich, aromatic, has an intense colour with a lightly sweet finish. t is a very versatile drink and can be had hot or cold, sweetened or unsweetened

When to Brew: Matcha is like a superhero - whenever you need it, it'll be there. Need a natural energy boost without the jitters (yeah, I'm talking about you coffee), Matcha is for you. You can have it whenever, but I wouldn't recommend it before bed - first thing, or at the 3pm slump would be ideal

How I Brew: Whisk 0.5 tsp per cup in 75-85°C water. Add the water gradually and whisk thoroughly to get rid of the lumps. I have a little sugar sweet before drinking it, and it's takes the 'edge' off the pure tea flavour. You could make a Matcha Latte if you want, or even bake with this

Ingredients: 100% Green tea

Origin: Uji Region, Japan

Caffeine Content: Approx 68mg per cup