There are three subscriptions that I offer, depending on what you are after

Drink Tea

from £4.50 + p&p

Craft On

£27 + p&p

Drink Tea and Craft On

£45 + p&p

Pick Your Favourite Tea Now! Lets Get Crafty

Sounds Great...I'm In!

Hate change and going outside? Get your favourite tea delivered without stepping out of the house

You get to:

  • Choose from 20 different teas
  • Save 10% each and every delivery
  • Easy options for delivery - pick between every 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 months

Want to learn a new craft without going outside

Learn a skill every quarter in the comfort of your home

Every quarter you get:

  • A cool craft kit, possibly something you've never heard of, created by a small business
  • 1 x random taster bag of tea
  • Access to be part of an interview with the creator of the kit
  • Join the Crafteam Discord group

Love tea, crafting and really hate outside

Learn a new craft, get some tea and some goodies every quarter at home where the people aren't

Every quarter you get everything from the Craft On box, plus:

  • A randomly selected large bag of tea and set of self fill tea bags
  • A sample bag of the tea to gift to someone (so you don't have to share your tea)
  • 2 gifts which compliment the tea and/or craft
  • Live 'Craftea-noon Party' with tea tasting and craft-a-long with me
  • Live 'Show and Tell' of your finished item, see the next box of the quarter before anyone else and get to vote on the kit for another quarter
  • Oh, and 10% off every order in the web shop as long as you're subscribed

Illustration by Dani Grapevine from Ouch!