About Us

The idea of Very Craftea was thought up one evening with my good friend Natalie, a cup of tea, some cake and trying to answer the thought provoking questions, like 'why aren't there trousers for dogs?'

After three hours trying to work if dogs did wear trousers, how would they wear them, and drinking many, many cups of tea, this really was our idea of heaven. Good company and tea. What would make it even better would be a craft kit to go along with it. Natalie then said "Oh, we're Very Craftea - you know, like craft and tea" and that's how Very Craftea came into existence (she is such a good friend she voluntarily gave away the name - sucker!) 

The premise was simple, sell tea and craft kits! But loads of companies sell craft kits, and even more sell tea so other than our amazing name, I needed to be different. I tackled the tea first....

I sell consciously sourced loose leaf tea. What does that mean I hear you ask. Well, I work with a single tea supplier and they give 50% of their profits to address the issue of educational development in and around the under-served tea growing region of Darjeeling, so the more tea I sell, the more money can go towards projects to help. This money goes direct to the people it affects, not to a big corporation. 

Next the craft kits. I spent a long time trying to find, modern, fresh kits which more importantly contained everything that was needed to finish it (how many times have you bought a kit, only to realise you need to buy loads of other stuff to finish it? Ain't nobody got time for that!) So all the kits I sell are not only kick ass but also with everything contained, they are also designed by friend and fellow business woman Connie (you can find out more about her on Instagram)

So what started out as a comment, has turned out into a business!