Delightful Matcha tea gift set with scoop, bowl (chawan) with a choice of design, bamboo whisk (chansen), whisk holder and 10g jar of ceremonial grade Matcha. Packed in presentation hamper tray, it makes the ideal gift
Matcha Gift Set,  - Very Craftea
Matcha Gift Set,  - Very Craftea
Matcha Gift Set,  - Very Craftea

Matcha Tea Gift Set

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These matcha gift sets contain everything you need to make traditional matcha. In the set you will get:

1 x bamboo scoop (that's right at the front in the picture) This means you can get the proper amount of Matcha, and get every last bit in the jar!

1 x bowl, a choice of either the dark grey/black of white with an abstract cherry blossom design

1 x bamboo whisk (or Chansen) This handmade Chasen is made of one piece of natural bamboo crafted and then split into these little prongs

1 x Chansen holder. Once you've washed your whisk, place it on the holder to maintain its space and your whisk will last longer

1 x 10g jar of Matcha

This is all packed in a presentation box

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