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7.5g Bag of Lemon Verbena Loose Leaf Fruit Tea in Biodegradable Transparent Bag from Very Craftea
100g Bag of Lemon Verbena Loose Leaf Fruit Tea in Brown Biodegradable Kraft Bag with Window by Very Craftea

Lemon Verbena


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What's It Taste Like: With notes of citrus, mango and figs and mellow flavours of chamomile, the steeped leaves yield a pale yellow liquid for a citrusy lift to cheer you and your body up!

When to Brew: Great for the morning after the night before. It's not called my hangover tisane for nothing!

How I Brew: 1 teaspoon per cup for 4-6 mins in 95-100°C water

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Mango bits, Moringa leaves, Verbena, Chamomile, Orange peel, Fig, Sunflower blossoms and natural flavours

Origin: Various

Caffeine Content: None

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