So Very Craftea. What's up with that?

Well, that's a good question. I love a good craft, however badly it turns out, whether it's sewing, Hama Beading or good ol' fashioned upcycling. Pair this with a good cup of tea and it's my idea of heaven. So I like crafting and tea - some would say I'm crafty, craft-tea, craftea. And there you have it :)

Is your tea Fairtrade certified?

In a word - no. I'm not registered Fairtrade. Fairtrade was created to protect small farmers and to make sure that they get a fair price for their produce but in reality most tea gardens are owned by wealthy individuals or corporations that manage to sell their teas at a premium. The workers and the labourers who work on the farm who earn a less than adequate daily wage and would gain no benefit from the fair-trade certification given to their employers

You're not Fairtrade?! What do you do?

Good question! I work exclusively with a single tea supplier who has fantastic ethical credentials. They are a social enterprise, meaning that 50% of their net profits go back to causes in Darjeeling (arguably the home of the finest quality tea) in India. Their overall vision is to:

  • improve educational infrastructure and facilities in areas most in need
  • improve the quality of education in the secondary school sector so that more young people can move into higher education and climb up the social ladder
  • encourage and support students, especially girls, who want to acquire further and higher education but are not able to due to financial constraints

What delivery options do you have?

I want you to get your items as soon as possible and have a range of delivery options for you to choose from, including free delivery over £25 and free delivery if you live in Peterborough. Check out my Delivery page for more details

Your teas are expensive compared to supermarkets, why is that?

You have a point - it is more expensive then your average tea, but then again, I don't sell average tea. I'm pretty picky with not only the flavour, but ensuring that quality ingredients are used as well as ensuring it's socially responsible. You can see these are proper leaves, not dust!

OMG! I love a certain product so much and would like to leave a review. How do I do that?

Aww, thank you so much! 😊 If you would like to leave a review for any of the products, it's really simple. Just find the product you want to leave the review about and underneath the picture is a box in which you can click 'Write a Review' Remember to fill out all the information (including a title) and then click 'Submit' I value all your comments and really appreciate you taking the time to let me know

I'm a bit addicted to your tea and buy loads. Do you have a loyalty scheme?

I do have a loyalty scheme! If you create an account, you will get 4 points for every pound you spend! And those points turn into money off vouchers or free stuff! You can sign up using the little button in the bottom left hand corner. You can read more about the scheme here