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What's It Taste Like: Get ready for a flavour fiesta, my friend! We're talking about a tea that's like a fruity explosion in your mouth. It's got that zesty zing, a burst of berries, and a tangy twist that'll make your taste buds do the happy dance. You can sip on this bright red beauty whether you're feeling hot or cold. It's like a chameleon of deliciousness, ready to satisfy your cravings no matter the weather.

When to Brew: When you have a cold this warming, sweet drink will soothe you, or brew it cool for a summers day treat

🎵This Is How You Brew It🎵: 1 teaspoon per cup for 3-5 mins in 95-100°C water. You can even make it into squash (fancy, adult squash) and stick half a bottle of gin in it....or not, I guess

Rumour Has It 👀: Studies have shown that sipping on this vibrant brew can help bring down both the high and low numbers on your blood pressure scale 

Ingredients: Hibiscus, currants, elderberries and natural flavours

Origin: Various

Caffeine Content: None

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