How To Store Loose Leaf Tea

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So you have just received your tea from Very Craftea (and thank you so much for your order) and you want to make sure that your first cup tastes just as good as your last. 

The individual notes of tea are developed when it has been picked due to oxidation. What determines the type of tea it will be, whether it will be white, green, oolong or black is the process in which it is subjected to (wilting, roasting, crushing etc)

It's this drying process which allows tea to be stored which makes moisture, air, odour, heat and light are detrimental to tea. It might seem like a lot of rules (not to dissimilar from keeping a Mogwai) but proper storage of your tea is the key to keep your tea fresh and tasting great.

  • Keep your tea free from oxygen (as much as you can)
  • Keep your tea away from heat (so not the cupboard next to the oven)
  • Keep your tea away from light (don't leave it out on the side)
  • Keep your tea away from strong odours

It is best to keep your tea in a sealable stainless steel container if possible. We have a range of these for sale in our store. If you don't have a container, the resealable bags which your tea is sent in will keep your tea fresh for a couple of months.

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