Colour Sky Blue
Size XS

Introducing our Tea Leaf Mascot T-Shirt – the must-have fashion statement for tea enthusiasts with a sense of humour! Picture this: a cheeky tea leaf with more personality than your morning cuppa, boldly emblazoned on the front of your new favourite tee.

🍡 Unleash your inner tea lover with our exclusive tea leaf mascot, who's so cool, even coffee gets jealous.

🌈 Choose from a kaleidoscope of colours to suit your mood. Feeling mellow? Go for calming chamomile yellow. Feeling bold? Opt for a spiffy Earl Grey grey. The options are as endless as your tea collection.

🎨 Our Teemill magic ensures each tee is as vibrant as your tea when you accidentally steep it for an extra minute. No fading here – just like your love for a good brew.

πŸ‘• This isn't just a t-shirt; it's a fashion-forward proclamation of your allegiance to the tea leaf way of life. Wear it proudly, and let the world know you take your tea as seriously as you take your fashion.

Get ready to steep into style, one hilarious tea leaf at a time. Because life is short, but the steep is long. Sip, laugh, wear – repeat! Cheers to tea-rific fashion!Β