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Want to make sure that you have a regular stock of your favourite tea? Don't worry, I got you!

 I've made this handy flowchart to explain the process 

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Choose your favourite tea (or teas!)

Decide how often you would like to receive them - once a week, bi-weekly, monthly - the choices are endless! Get them delivered to your door


Fill out this form below and get your subscription sorted ASAP! You can select as many teas as you'd like regularly - so if you want English Breakfast Tea and Blood Orange, just tick both boxes

Once you've filled this in, I'll send you an invoice, read through that to make sure I've got it right, sign up, and then you're good to go!

This will be sent through using Square Up (the card provider I use) so don't worry, all your details are safe and secure

Any questions, just hit me up 👍🏽

Free Local Delivery

Live in PE1 to PE9? Get your order hand delivered for free! If you're lucky, you'll meet my mum!

Ethical Values

Socially responsible loose leaf tea and craft kits made by other women in business - both sourced in the UK

Planet over Profit

From biodegradable bags to zero waste jar refilling, being green is at the heart of Very Craftea