5 Ways To Make The Perfect Cup of Loose Leaf Tea

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I know that the reason why a lot of people use tea bags - it's convenient, easy and is fuss free. I get it, we're all busy, life is difficult enough without having to mess about will tiny leaves

However, we all know loose leaf tea is better. It's da bomb (do people stay that still? I'm still young and hip) A cup of loose leaf tea tastes better, can be brewed multiple times and is better for the environment

If you're a seasoned loose leaf tea drinker, you probably have all the equipment, but if you are new to loose leaf tea (welcome! Pull up a chair) then here are five products which will help you on your move away from tea bags to loose leaf tea

Ok, these are tea bags, but hear me out. These are self fill, biodegradable bags which are totally home compostable and plastic free! All you need to do is add a scoop of tea into the bag, pull the string and that's it. These are great if you want to take your tea out and about like to work or to a friends house who serves terrible tea 
If you want something just for the odd cup of tea every now and then, then a single mug infuser is for you. These are made from silicone with a stainless steel tea basket, and comes with a little drip tray. Perfect if you want to a really strong mug of tea
Do you want some iced tea or a fruity alternative to plain water, then a cold brew bottle is great for going out or to keep in the fridge. It has an inbuilt infuser, so all the tea leaves and fruit pieces are kept inside the bottle. It's so easy, add your tea, add the water, leave overnight and then drink. One bottle tea!
At they back of the cupboard, you must have a teapot but have never used it, then you will need something to sift out the leaves if your teapot does not have an infuser inbuilt. The easiest way is to use a strainer. All you need to do is brew your tea in a teapot and when you are ready to serve, just put the strainer over the mug and let it catch all the pieces
When you make some loose leaf tea, but are in a rush (so you have the perfect mug ready to drink, but realise you have to be at work for 9:00, and it's already 8:45 and you are still in your robe), pour it in your reusable cup. It's perfect to keep your tea warm, dishwasher safe and made from 80% rice husk and 20% plant resin!

Hopefully this will make your change to loose leaf tea a bit easier

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