Lemon Verbena - Traditionally, folks have used Lemon Verbena to deal with all kinds of stuff - colds, fever, indigestion, and insomnia. You can mix it up with things like ginger to create your very own Lemon and Ginger tea. Ingredients: Pure Lemon Verbena Leaves

Pumpkin Spice - It's delightfully sweet and spiced up with turmeric, so it's basically the warm and fuzzy sweater of teas. Plus, the best part? It's caffeine-free, so go ahead and brew yourself a cup of autumn magic Ingredients: Apple bits (apple, acidifier: citric acid), pumpkin bits(10%), carrot bits, candied papaya bits (papaya, sugar), ginger bits, flavouring, turmeric, pumpkin seeds(3,5%), bean peels, cinnamon sticks and safflower blossoms

Lemon and Ginger GreenLight green Sencha tea, some zesty lemon and a dash of ginger. Brew it up, and you'll have a cup of sunshine, light as a feather and a sweet aftertaste that's like the cherry on top of your day. Ingredients: Chinese Sencha green tea, ginger bits, natural flavouring, orange peel, lemon peel (3%) & sunflower blossoms

Earl GreenWe've got premium green tea with bergamot and marigold petals. It teams up with the earthy and mighty Gunpowder green tea from Sri Lanka. Way cooler than the traditional Earl Grey! IngredientsCeylon Green tea, bergamot oil and marigold petals

Flowering Tea - Green tea leaves are hand-tied around jasmine and lily blossoms, then, when you pour hot water on the scene, it's like a magic show in your teapot as those blossoms bloom right before your eyes! IngredientsLuxury green tea, Jasmine and Lily blossoms

FuerteventuraGet ready for a taste sensation that's like a fruity disco in your mouth! We're talking subtle sweetness that's all thanks to the fruit crew, led by the mango, with those cheeky hints of Acai berries joining in IngredientsApple Bits, Hibiscus Blossoms, Candied Mango Bits (Mango, Sugar), Candied Papaya Bits (Papaya, Sugar), Rose Hip Peel, Beetroot Bits, Natural Flavouring, Fig Bits, Acai Bits (Acai, Apple, Apple Juice Concentrate, Rice Flour, Acidifier: Citric Acid)

Builders BrewIt's a combo of strong CTC and broken teas from Assam, ready to unleash some serious tea power! A tea so robust, even milk salutes it. Bold, flavourful, and malty - a personality as strong as its taste. Ingredients: Blend of Premium Black Teas from Assam

Russian CaravanHold onto your taste buds because there's a subtle smokiness in the mix that'll whisk you away to those campfire memories. It's like a time machine for your senses. It's not your average cuppa! IngredientsPremium Black and Oolong Tea

SpearmintMeet spearmint, the cool cat of the mint family. It's like peppermint's suave cousin. While peppermint is all like, "Whoa, minty punch!" Spearmint's smoother and sweeter – like James Bond of mints Ingredients: Pure spearmint leaves


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