Save the Bees - Embroidery Kit

Save the Bees - Embroidery Kit

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If there are no bees, there are no crops and if there is no crops, there is NO PIZZA! Bees are the cutest too, their little fuzzy butts and fantastic knees. Chuck a few wild flowers in your garden, or in a plant pot to give them somewhere to mooch a

Who's It For: Perfect for beginners and experts. Unlike other embroidery kits, you have the freedom to do as much or as little stitching as you like. The fabric is printed with the design already on it (so no messy or difficult transferring) and is printed in vibrant colours. You can stitch every part, just the outlines, or fill in the colours, it's up to you!

Who Made This: This kit, as well as all the other kits have been designed and put together in the UK by three women. Connie used her creative design skills to come up with the pattern, Fiona designed the stitch guide and label, and I put the entire thing together! What a team!  

What's Inside The Box (Brad Pitt 'Seven' Style): There is so much stuff in here, you won't believe it!

  • 7 inch embroidery hoop - to help you stitch and then to display your finished creation
  • Organic calico fabric with the printed design on, in colour so you can easily match the threads or leave unstitched
  • 8 x DMC embroidery threads - the best on the market
  • Needle - you aren't going to get very without it!
  • Double sided, A4 illustrated stitch guide complete with 10 of the most common and widely used stitches to help you complete this, and any other of the kits. It has tips for complete beginners and is printed on beautifully thick card, meaning it will last for ages!
  • Beautifully packaged so you can give this as a gift to a friend or give this as a gift to yourself (those are the best gifts)
  • FREE GIFT - a set of cardboard bobbins to transfer your embroidery thread onto so it won't get tangled up 

What Else Will You Need: You will need a pair of scissors and a cup of tea (biscuits are optional but highly recommended)