Craft Kits

A lot of you have been asking where my craft kits have gone, so I thought I'd write what is happening
Embroidery Kits

The lovely Connie from Handmade Herbivore has designed four amazing patterns, which you can see in my little video below. I'm currently working out which fabric is best to stitch on, as well as checking for quality (thicker fabric is great, but not easy to stitch on, but thinner fabric is easier to pull out of shape which is not what we want - so looking for a happy medium)

It's then a case of finding all the bits to go with it, threads, hoops, needles, instructions (I don't want it to be too ridged as I want you to have your own expression in the piece, but I suppose you need to have some idea of what it will look like!) and then getting Fiona of Paper Rhino to create some my labels for the kits. 

It seems like a lot to do, but it's really not, so I promise they will be out soon. Best to sign up to my mailing list because as soon as they are ready, these will be the first people to get notified