Divine Elixir,  - Very Craftea
Divine Elixir,  - Very Craftea
Divine Elixir,  - Very Craftea

Divine Elixir


What's It Taste Like: A blend of the finest white and green teas infused with an orchard full of fruitiness. Subtle citrus notes complement the lychee peach fruitiness that are well balanced by the faint vegetal impressions of green tea and mellow white tea turning this tea into a veritable fruit champagne

When to Brew: I have this all-the-time. 6am - have some Divine Elixir, 5pm - have some Divine Elixir, Midnight - have some Divine Elixir. I love it 

How I Brew: 1 teaspoon per cup for 2-3 mins in 70-80°C water. Be careful on timing as you don't want to leave the delicate green and white teas brewing

Ingredients: Pai Mu Tan White tea, Darjeeling Green tea, Chinese Fog tea, Sencha, Lung Ching, Gunpowder, Jasmine, Jasmine Jade Pearls, Mango bits, Papaya bits, Orange peels, Strawberry bits, Red currants, Sour Cherry, Apricot bits & natural flavour

Origin: China, India 

Caffeine Content: Approx 15mg per cup

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