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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past, I don't know 13 years, maybe longer, you will have heard of the Kardashians. From TV shows, to make up empires, clothing brands, to becoming a lawyer (apparently that's what Kim is doing) they pretty much have tried their hands at pretty much everything

So when I kept getting sent posts about Kylie Jenner's baby shower, I was still a little confused. I've never seen the show, but I do keep a side eye on what the family is up to (thank you Buzzfeed), but didn't get why this would be of interest to me. I never wear makeup and I've been wearing the same clothes since 2002 so my style icons are really no existent

Well, imagine my surprise when I went to have a look at the post on Instagram and the attendees were doing embroidery! I mean - come on! No one saw that coming at all!
photo @kyliejenner
There was one fairly grainy picture of what was made, and looking at it, they were obviously designing and then stitching their designs on the evening. That's all well and good, but I imagine there were lots of other events going on (at eye watering costs I bet) so these looked like they were stopped within an hour tops, which is sad

Just imagine if they spent the time coming up with a design before hand, that would commemorate the shower and everyone would have something finished to take home to keep as a memento

Now, what *I* would have done, was have a design made, with the fabric printed with it on - this would cut out a lot of faffing about trying to come up with a design, then draw it on the fabric and then see if the pen comes out (I have horror stories of the pen leaking when washed and ruining the design!)

The design could have been a group design before the event with or without the 'mum to be's' knowledge, so it would still have been a surprise but then also really sentimental and personal. It just would have been super cute

I didn't see if the embroidery came in kit form, or they had all the parts, but again the packaging could have been done bespoke to the event and also be kept as a memento to keep all the equipment (needle, threads etc) leftover. It could also be used as a sewing box in the future if people caught the embroidery bug!

It's just a little sad seeing something like that, which millions and millions of people would have seen and not really got the full experience of what embroidery can be. Just think if everyone who saw that picture decided to try embroidery out? Wouldn't the world be a more colourful place?

If you would like something like that for your baby shower or other event, please get in touch as I'd love to help out! I can help out with everything from the design and packaging and sourcing items. It could even be a tea and crafting bundle!

Just drop me a message and lets have a chat

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